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                                     JEFFREY L. BARKER - PASTOR
                                EXCITING THINGS ARE HAPPENING!

                                         ADVENT IS COMING! 
November 28th is the first Sunday of Advent.  We will light the first candle in the Advent candle wreath. The Candle of "Hope"  Then after worship, we will take part together in "Hanging of the Greens" in other words, to decorate the sanctuary in anticipation of Jesus' birth.

                                                  COMMUNITY DINNER
We host a Free Community Dinner each week on Wednesday at 5PM.  "Take out" only, at this time.  Anyone is welcome. If you want a warm meal, you are invited. It is located on the West side of the church.

                                    TWELVE STEP AND OTHER GROUPS
Meeting via Zoom, until they are able to meet back in the building.  We will let you know as soon as we are able to readmit you to our building.
                                 Thank you for your patience.  It is beyond our control.

                                             PRESCHOOL SUNDAYS


      We have approached the Woodland Park Preschool about having a Preschool Sunday,  where the adults can share what the Preschool does, what it means to have this space and let the little ones sing a song or share something.   Pastor Jeff is ready to do a Children's Story time.  We have also offered they can have a bake sale during Social time.   The parents are interested in getting together, we look forward to setting up another "Preschool Sunday", when it is safe to do so.  This would be a wonderful to have once a month. 

                                             "IN PERSON"  OR "ZOOM"

          We are holding "IN PERSON" worship at Fremont Baptist Church.  Not many churches are holding "in person" services.  Our sanctuary is very roomy.   We are keeping safe distance without incident.  There has not been a single problem since July 2020 since we started holding in church services again. 

         You will be "required" to wear a mask over both your nose and mouth, if you do not have one, you will be given one. There is hand sanitizer for you to use.  We ask that you respect others by keeping your distance of at least 6 feet, in the pews.   We hope you will be able to join us soon.    We also use Zoom.   To join us on Zoom on Sunday at 10:30 am, use the link below.


                                               WE ARE BACK!!  

Please stop by for a visit. God accepts you just the way you are, and so do we here at Fremont Baptist Church. You will not be judged, but welcomed into the family of God. Our service praises God through scripture, prayer, message, fellowship, and some traditional hymns as well as newer praise songs.  Our emphasis is showing Christian Love "as Christ first loved us".  Worship is Bible based and fulfilling to all.  We have incredible musicians, who are a very talented family.  Won't you join us?  We look forward to meeting you.

Office hours are Tues, Wed and Thurs 10:30 AM- 3:30 PM

Worship time: Sundays  10:30 AM

Church phone:  206-632-7994

Church emails:   

We are excited that you stopped by today. Please take a moment to sign the guestbook.

Visit us on Facebook.  http://Facebook.com/FremontBaptistChurch   Thank you.