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      There are many opportunities to serve God at Fremont Baptist Church.  After all, don't you benefit from God's grace and love, everyday?  Isn't it time to care for His church and His people in return?  There are big needs regarding our building upkeep and maintenance and other jobs that need more workers to keep things running like a well oiled machine.  "Many hands make light work".  It is very true!  Can you find it in your heart to care for God's house? If you are unable to physically help, we don't want you getting hurt trying.  Maybe you can help with a donation to get things started.  Many jobs require extra money to complete.  Where do you fit in this picture? Think about it. Ask where you can help.  God will bless you for it.  We will appreciate the help.
               Here are some suggestions to use your gifts that God blessed you with
Calling to remind people of the dates or duties they agreed to.
Changing the reader board sign
Checking the possibility of landmark/historical designation for the church, what it means
Clean out closets, cupboards and rooms
Communication flyers
Emptying garbage or recycle on your way out
Gardening and weeding
Greeting guests and give them a bulletin
Hosting coffee hour, or just setting it up, or cleaning up after someone else hosts
Offering rides, if you have a vehicle
Picking up litter when you notice it
Pray with those in need
Prayer tree calling
Reading scripture
Setup and clean up communion 
Sitting with guests so they feel welcome
Visiting, calling or sending a card to members that are homebound or in the hospital
Wiping up spills when they happen
Working on the history of the church
Working on the newsletter mailing-once a month
Working the Fremont Fair and parking lot in June

There are many more opportunities for you to give back to God.  Please consider helping out in some way.  Thank you.