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                                             April Newsletter Article    

     Brothers and Sisters, As we go to Press with the April Newsletter, the forty-day season of Lent, is drawing to a close. Soon, the Joy of Palm Sunday, and Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem on that day,  will be celebrated in Church’s like ours all over the world.  On Palm Sunday we will raise our Palms in the air, as we Sing the Great Hymns of Palm Sunday.  Songs like, “All Glory, Laud and Honor”,  and “Hosanna loud Hosanna”.        

     This sacred day marks Christ’s Triumphant and final journey home to Jerusalem as he prepares to face the events of Holy Week!  Quickly, oh so quickly; the joy of Palm Sunday’s triumph, will “morph” into the tragedy, pain and horror of Holy Week. Through our Worship services, Bible Study and Prayers. We will walk with Jesus as he lives out his last week of Earthly life.             

     As we prepare for Palm Sunday and the pain of Holy week, by faith we know, Joy comes in the morning.  The morning I’m talking about is Easter Morning, around dawn.  Please plan to come out and join us for Worship on Easter Sunday, April 17th.  Join us in the Sanctuary as we celebrate our Lord’s Triumphant resurrection and victory over the power of death and the grave! The Gospel lesson for Easter Sunday this year is the “classic” reading from John’s Gospel.  John 20:1-18.  Feel free to take a peek at it between now and Easter. Just remember, to quote my old childhood Pastor Dr. Howard, “Now church, remember you can’t have the Joy of Easter morning without the pain and horror, of Good Friday!”  End quote.  In closing my people, let us pledge to walk with Jesus throughout these days leading up to both Palm Sunday and Good Friday. 

                                                     Peace be with you all,
                                                            Pastor Jeff