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Vol. 6                                                                                          June 2024

        Brothers and Sisters, as we go to press with the June Newsletter, I joyfully repeat the opening lines of my sermon from May 26th.  In my first Sunday back in the pulpit, after being out for three weeks on sick leave, I stated: “Words cannot express how happy and joyful I am, being back in the pulpit and among you all in Worship this Sunday morning”. End quote. As you all know, during the first three weeks of May. I was “battling back” from a wicked case of Pneumonia, and a terrible painful sinus infection!

         As I also referenced in last week’s sermon, I commented on how, I could “literally” feel the love and prayers, being lifted up for my recovery from both my church family, as well as my “blood family”. As I lay in the hospital, I was in a near “constant” state of Prayer and “supplication” to the Holy Spirit! For healing and recovery. So I could return to work and worship.  To serve both God and you good people! 

        Oh, the peace, grace and “witness” of the Holy Spirit, I experienced during the 3 days and long prayerful nights in the hospital, truly strengthened my personal faith, beyond words, I can state! How ironic it is since Pentecost Sunday was just last week. All throughout my hospital stay and “at home recovery”  I kept a personal Bible ever near, and “tagged and flagged” to the pages of Acts 2:1-21, both by day and night during my healing phase of recovery.  I would call out to God, Christ and the Holy Spirit, to help Jan find pulpit supply preachers to fill in for me. As well as the Spirit, to help Marc, Suzanne and the Walter clan, be ready and able to carry on their music ministry on Sunday mornings! I also, prayed for Elaine and all the volunteers who help to lead the Sunday morning worship service. 

         Brothers and Sisters, during my “near” daily texts and talks with Sister Jan, she let me know folks are and have stepped up to keep the church and our “community based” ministry alive and thriving, high atop the hill, here in Fremont.  Now that I am “back in the saddle again”, to quote Brother Gene Autry! I feel renewed, refreshed and completely “recommitted” to serving God and Christ’s people, here at Fremont Baptist Church.            

           As we dive into our work and witness, at church in the month of June, may we all remember to “lean into” the power, grace and loving witness of Christ and the Holy Spirit. Oh, one last point, please remember to sign up to help staff our booth at the Fremont Street Fair coming up June 22 – 23.             

          God bless you good and ever faithful disciples of Christ!  I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday mornings and at Bible Study.  Peace be with you all, Pastor Jeff