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Vol. 10                                                                                                  October 2022 

Dear Brothers and Sisters,            
As we go to print with the October Newsletter, Fall has just begun.  The days are growing shorter, and the nights a little longer.  As we move into Fall, let us continue to be a faithful, committed church family and community.  We are coming out of a long hot summer, that saw us continue to feed, love and serve the poor here in the Fremont Neighborhood.

            In the sermon message from Sept 25, I spoke on the Parable of  “The Rich Man and Lazarus.” This parable stands as a cautionary teaching lesson for “we” Christians to continue to be committed to loving and helping the poorest of God’s Children.  In the Parable a rich man, while living “refused” to help a poor beggar; who lived and died in squalor right outside the gate of the wealthy man’s house. Upon dying, the Rich man is sent to Hell!  While the poor man, when he died, is taken by God’s angels home to heaven! 

          While suffering in Hell, the rich man looks up and can see Father Abraham and the poor beggar in peace and comfort. While he, suffers from thirst and torment, down in the “nether” regions of Hell! Thinking of his five brothers, the rich man begs Abraham to send Lazarus back to the world to warn his brothers of their “Godly” duty to feed the poor, help the helpless. And to serve humanity in God’s name.  Father Abraham rebukes his request by telling the rich man, that his brothers have “Moses and the Prophets”.  So they can listen to them. He makes plain, this simple Godly truth while we humans are alive down here on earth, both the Rich Man’s brothers, and we post modern folks need to listen to the Prophets; and most importantly, to Christ.  We are to follow their teachings and commands, to render aid and comfort to those in need, down here on earth, as I mentioned in the Sermon.  You good people get this Parable’s point!  I concluded the Sermon by sharing the data, and details of our missional giving and outreach over the Summer. Enclosed are the tally and poundage numbers of our efforts we put forth over the Summer.  And, in particular the funds we took in from the Fremont Street Fair in late June. The Orange booth received $868 in donations, and the parking lot collected $1,015, making the total $1,863 from the Fremont Street Fair. This year so far, our food donations equal 2,926 pounds. We held a Baby Formula and diaper drive during the emergency nationwide Formula crisis. The generosity was amazing and there were cases of formula and boxes and boxes of diapers. In addition, the cash donations to Family Works Food Bank thus far this year is $1,625. Family Works has said how great the need is, and they appreciate and thank each of you.

As I said in the conclusion of the sermon,  “Well done, good and faithful servants.” That we are. And now, as we move into Fall, let us continue to feed, love and serve the poor.  On Oct. 17th, the 2023 Annual pledge letters will be mailed.  When you receive your letter, please pray over it, and ponder how you will respond and give to the maintenance and ongoing work of this; our “beloved” Parish Church, and faith community?            

God Bless and keep you all warm, safe, and committed to living out our Christian faith, here at Fremont Baptist Church.  O, just as a reminder, please read the full story of the Parable of “The Rich man and Lazarus”. As recorded in Luke 16:19-31. Truly, we get it! Sadly, the complacent Rich man, did not.            

God Bless you good and faithful servants of God. Pastor Jeff