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Vol 1                                                                                                      January 2023

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Happy New Year, and peace be with you all, as we start a New Year. By now most of the gifts, decorations, lights and trinkets of Christmas have been put away.  Soon, very soon New Year’s day will dawn around us.  This year, January 1st, falls on Sunday! As did Christmas day, just a week ago. On New Year’s day, our Gospel Lesson is from St. Matthew’s Gospel. It tells us the beautiful, yet tragic story of Joseph and Mary’s flight into Egypt.  In this timeless story from Ch. 2:13-23.  Shortly after the “Magi”, or three wise men, come to see Jesus. Father Joseph, is visited by an Angel at night.  The angel warns him to rise from his sleep.  After which, Joseph and Mother Mary are to bundle up the baby Jesus, and dash off to Egypt as fast as they can!           

            As the reading progresses, it is revealed that King Herod had sent his Palace Hench men; to Bethlehem.  Upon arrival these cruel, cold-hearted men, were ordered to kill every newborn; and infant Jewish boy up to the age of two.  Joseph and Mary, in an act of unbridled, and unquestioning faith, did just as the angel had told them. There in Egypt; they lived and cared for “our” Messiah. Till that cold-hearted Dictator, Herod finally died! Upon which time, they quietly gathered up the baby Jesus. And returned to Nazareth to raise him in their home. 

           People of God, this lesson, reminds us to strive to be as “acute and attuned”, to listening for God’s angelic agents, as Father Joseph was.  It tells us to listen, look and to be ready to “move” in our hearts and lives of Faith.  Just like Father Joseph did!            
           As the New Year dawns around us here at Fremont Baptist Church.  Let us, as a Church and family of faith.  Stay “Spiritually awake” to the calling voice and  moving of the Spirit of God in our lives. I am confident God has good and positive things in store for “us” his people and Church in 2023.            

          Let us as faithful children/sheep of Christ’s flock.  Stay ready to “react and respond”, to God’s Sovereign Voice and Spirit, in the New Year of or Lord 2023. Once again, Happy New Year, Fremont Baptist Church Family.  And may “God Bless us everyone” to quote my young friend “Tiny Tim” P.S. Thank you all once again for the Toys and Gifts given to the women and kiddos at the Union Gospel Missions Hope Place.  On Wednesday, Dec 21st, I dropped off a car load of gifts and presents, on my way home.  May God continue to bless our Annual outreach to the most “vulnerable” of God’s people.  Women and kiddos “with nowhere” to lay their heads! 

Pastor Jeff