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     We had a wonderful time celebrating Judy and Leonard with their family in the Social Hall.   Rev. Jeff Barker said the Blessing for the meal and over Judy and Leonard.

     Enjoying a delicious Turkey meal with fabulous desserts made by Lynn.  She did a terrific job of organizing the party and making so much of the meal.  Thank you Lynn. 

     There were many photographs and a slideshow given to Judy to remember the party.  She said the party couldn't have been better.  The church gave them a gift certificate to Semiahmoo Resort in Washington.  Judy and Leonard took off and had a good time the following weekend.  She said it was great and she even had a nice massage. 

    Judy had a real love of serving the less fortunate.  She called them, "Her Guys."  The church won't have the available people to do what Judy did, so it will look a little bit different.  We still want to serve them in some way.  We will offer packets for each different need, be it hunger, warmth or hygiene to those coming to the door.
   Over the years, Judy and Leonard did so much for the church.  We truly miss them.  But we are trying to fill in and reassign the load.  You served God and Fremont very well.    Judy served Fremont Baptist for 14 years.  Thank you Judy and Leonard for all you gave. We were blessed by you.  Congratulations on your well deserved retirement. 

    Every week we will have guest Pastors, until we find an Interim Pastor, who will serve a few months, during the time we are searching for a Permanent Pastor.  The process can take some time, but please come visit us and hear the visiting Pastor's different styles.

   Click on the page "News" to understand the complete process during the transition.

   We look forward to meeting you.