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Vol. 8                                                                                                  August 2022   
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

           As we go to press with the August Newsletter, truly the “Dog Days of
Summer” are here! As of July 27th, Seattle is looking at near record heat
temperatures for late July and early August. I pray you all will drink lots of water
and stay hydrated.  As Summer both heats up; and begins to slowly wind down,
I pray you good folks are resting, and taking time off to enjoy Summer as best
you can? Soon, we will turn our church focus back to Fall programming, missions
and outreach. 

           As we do, let us continue to “think Globally, yet act locally”, in reference to
our missions and outreach.  In that “vein”, as I write this article, Judie, Jan and I
have been in conversation about a Back to School Supply Drive for Family Works
Food  Bank. And, their neighborhood outreach, to support local schools in our

          Judie brought in handouts that list the needed supplies or items, “specifically” requested by Family Works.  If you have not picked up one from the Narthex table.Or are reading about the drive for the first time, and want to help out.  Please call Jan, or Judie and they will relay to you, the items needed.

          Ideally, “Family Works” wants us to drop off the Supplies by August 5th! 
However, if we run a “little over”, this target date, let us as a strong committed
local Church, do all that we can to support our community kiddos, as they prepare
to go back to school.  Also, if you would like to donate “funds”  for supplies, this too is okay. 

          As we slowly wind down a Hot and dry Summer, here in the Pacific Northwest, let us, “take time to be Holy”, when we can.   May we “intentionally”, seek some shade, or a  quiet, cool place on hot days, or Sultry nights.  And then, read, pray, and meditate on the Scriptures, as the Holy Spirit lead us too.  Here are a couple great readings to reflect on, from the Gospel of St Matthew.
1. From the Sermon on the Mount.  Matthew 5:1-10, “The Beatitudes”.
2. The Lord’s Prayer, from Matthew 6:9-13.  Some of you may still have the insert
from the July 24th bulletin.         

          People of God, enjoy the remaining days of Summer.  Celebrate the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, as you do, seek to remember in prayer, praise and reflection. 
The goodness and grace of God and Christ, who are the “authors” of our glorious
world, and our very lives and Church Community.

          May Peace and cool breezes come your way in these waning days of Summer.

                                                   Pastor Jeff