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Vol 3                                                                                        March 2024            
        Brothers and Sisters, as we go to press with our March Newsletter, the 40-day season of Lent has begun. Ash Wednesday, Feb 14th, marks the 40-day beginning of our “walk to the Cross” with Jesus.  Though we do not hold an Ash Wednesday Service, in our Baptist Church, still, it is good for us to reflect upon, and respect this ancient Christian tradition. During my former years of Pastoral Service in the UCC and the Brethren Churches, we observed the Lenten tradition of “intentionally” focusing on the last 40 days of Christ’s earthly life. 

       Central to the “overarching” theme of Lent, is it’s clear focus and call for we believers to consciously “look” deep into our life of faith, belief and witness. In respect to our walk of Christian faith!  During Lent we, the people of God are called and urged to repent. Meaning we are to turn away from any thoughts, attitudes and behaviors that are not acceptable or pleasing unto God.  

       One simple way we can do this, is for us to take some “dedicated time” each day or night, to pray, meditate on and study the Holy scriptures from the Bible.  In that vein, please ask Jan for a copy of the Lenten devotional booklet we ordered for the church family. It is entitled, “The Hope of Easter”.  This devotional booklet, leads us to contemplate, ponder and pray over the ever-evolving walk of Christ to the Cross at Golgotha!  I also encourage you to continue to turn out for either the Thursday morning Bible study class in the Lounge, or the Thursday evening class, led by the Walter family. As we the Church, and Christ’s disciples walk alongside Jesus, during the season of Lenten remembrance. Please keep this simple yet powerful truth ever “conscious” in your mind and heart.  We disciples of Christ, Never Walk alone! Christ walks “ever” beside us.  He is always and forever, only a prayer away, from speaking to us. 

        As we the Church, across every Denominational line, walk the path of Lenten remembrance. May the Holy Spirit touch, lead and guide our lives of “active” faith! God Bless and keep us all, walking the Lenten road to Jerusalem, with Lord Jesus. All the way, to Holy Week! In Jesus’ name I pray.

        Peace be with you good and faithful disciples.                           
                                                      Pastor Jeff