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Fremont Baptist Church has a long history of mission giving. Today that giving focuses on our immediate community and on the world outside our area. Let me cite a couple examples of our local mission giving:            
•  Each June we participate in the Fremont Street Fair by erecting our “Orange Booth” and offering coffee, lemonade and water to fair-goers. We also rent our space in our parking lot during the fair. One hundred percent of the money donated at the booth or taken in at the parking lot is donated directly to our local food bank.
•  On the first Sunday of each month we collect a benevolence fund that helps support folks who find themselves needing funds for prescriptions, bus passes, gasoline, food, etc.           
•  On the second Sunday of each month we collect food items  - some of which are given to the local food bank while others are kept at the church to distribute to individuals.
•  Homeless folk who visit the church during the week are given food, socks, toiletries, laundry soap, diapers, etc.
•  Back-to-School supplies are collected at the beginning of each school year and donated to B. F. Day School to be distributed to new students who enter the school midyear.            
• With the encouragement of Mabel Brockhoff, we, as a church, respond to Church World Service by packaging hygiene kits as part of a worship service. These kits are then distributed to disaster areas both nationally and internationally by CWS.  

On a broader scale, we also participate in the four traditional American Baptist offerings that include:            
•  America for Christ  http://www.nationalministries.org/afc/          
•  One Great Hour of Sharing  http://abc-oghs.org/          
•  World Mission Offering    Mission Giving   
•  Retired Minister and Missionary Offering   http://www.abc-usa.org/rmmo/