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         Fremont Baptist Church has a long history of mission giving. Today that giving focuses on our immediate community and on the world outside our area. Let me cite some examples of our local mission giving:        

         Each June we participate in the Fremont Street Fair by erecting our “Orange Booth” and offering coffee or lemonade to fair-goers. We also rent our space in our parking lot during the fair. One hundred percent of the money donated at the booth or taken in at the parking lot is donated directly to our local food bank.

        On the first Sunday of each month we collect a benevolence offering that helps those in the church who need a little help to get by.       

        We donate food items for the food bank or those in need who come to our door for help.  We collect food items for Family Works Food Bank.

        We have hosted many outside groups, including church congregations, and 12 step groups.  We have a Cooperative Preschool/Kindergarten that lives in our church during the school year.  We also hosted Community Dinners as well as years and years of being a polling place for Voting. 

        Missionaries Luis and Sarah Matos and their little girl, Nora are doing well. They are still fund raising for the trip to Oaxaca, Mexico.  They are faithful and hoping that it happens soon. Sarah has been a missionary for quite a few years.  They have been planning this new mission spot for a few years now, after getting married, now Luis has taken courses to also become a missionary.  Sarah is working on her MDIV. There is no stopping them. They have goals and focus, even with a toddler. WE are so proud of you both! 

       Back-to-School supplies are collected at the beginning of each school year and donated to Union Gospel Mission's Hope Place Shelter for Mothers and children.

       When the hungry or cold folk come to our door, we offer them food items, water, socks, hand warmers, space blankets, hats and gloves. 

      We just finished our second annual Sock Drive for our street folk. Last year 110 pair of socks were given, this year we collected 142 pair and distributed them to Operation Night Watch in downtown Seattle.  We will continue to collect them for the winter. Always a need.

       We collected Christmas goods and presents for the Hope Place Children and their Mothers for the third year. 

      Under the late Mabel Brockhoff's direction, we, as a church, responded to Church World Service by packaging hygiene kits as part of a worship service. We now make them for needs in our own community. 

      On a broader scale, we support our American Baptist Association and local Evergreen Baptist Association, as well as the four traditional American Baptist offerings that include:  

April-  America for Christ  http://www.nationalministries.org/afc/ 

July - One Great Hour of Sharing  http://abc-oghs.org/ 

Sept - World Mission Offering    Mission Giving     

Jan - Retired Minister and Missionary http://www.abc-usa.org/rmmo/    

       We are just a small congregation, but our big, giving hearts are steadfast in helping others.   We are thrilled to be able to bless others.  I'm so proud of our very generous church family.
                                 Moderator of Fremont Baptist Church