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(Article in the Fremont Forum 1982)
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Wooster, were the founders of Fremont Baptist Church. After moving to Fremont in the early 1890's, the Woosters began looking for Baptists in the area.  When they found eight other local Baptists, the Woosters first arranged to meet in the Christian Church on Latona. Then, they arranged for the chapel car "Evangel" to come to Fremont.  Mr. Wooster was the first Sunday School Superintendant and the first Church Clerk.

Fremont Baptist Church was established on March 20, 1892 when Rev. E. G. Wheeler and a small group of faithful met in the chapel car Evangel.  The chapel car was provided as a mission tool by the American Baptist Publication Society and was parked between Fremont Fire Station and the small red railroad depot at the corner of Fremont Avenue and Ewing Street. The Fremont area at the time had no bridges or paved streets, just narrow board walks.  After the initial organization, the church met in rented storefronts and had eight pastors over the next seven years until Rev. Cairns came in 1899.
When Rev. Cairns came there were 28 members at Fremont.  Under Rev. Cairns leadership the congregation bought property and began constructing a building in March of 1900.  The wooden structure was dedicated one year later on March 24, 1901.  When Rev. Cairns retired at the age of 85 in 1909, the church membership had grown to 145.  Over the next 15 years the church continued to grow under the leadership of Pastors Lamoreux, Reading, and Hicks.

By 1924 the congregation was bursting at the seams of the old wooden structure and it was decided that a new building was needed.  More land was bought, the old wooden structure was demolished, work on a new brick structure was started.  The present church structure was finished and dedicated in December of 1924.

The Family Works Food Bank was started in Fremont Baptist Church, originally known as the Fremont Food Bank, with church members volunteering.  It later moved to a location across Fremont Avenue N. and N. 36th St, before relocating to the current location on N. 45th St.  Every year at the Fremont Fair, Fremont Baptist Church puts up the Orange Booth as it has for decades to give out free coffee, lemonade and doggie water, all donations go to Family Works Food Bank.

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