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                                             Maintenance and Improvements

        We are in the process of restoring and updating our building from the top to the bottom.  It is old and very tired.  The time has come for a fresh face as we prepare for our upcoming 125th anniversary celebrations, starting in March and continuing throughout 2017!  We are very blessed with an incredible repairman and master painter, in our friend, Ken. He is doing a fantastic job!!  So far the entire Sanctuary has been painted.  The window's woodwork and sills have also been sanded and varnished and they look amazing!  The front doors have been protected, The Lounge and east and west stairwells have been completed.  The halls and rooms on the third floor including the Rock Room are also complete.  Ken is currently working in the downstairs kitchen.  Then he will go up to the main floor Office, hallways and bathrooms.  It is looking wonderful.

        God has blessed us richly with this beautiful old building.  We want to take good care of it. Thank you Ken for your hard work. We appreciate you very much.

                                                       New LED Lighting

       Our wonderful church's building caretaker, Wally, has secretly retrofitted all of the old florescent light fixtures with new LED lights. There is an amazing glow of light in the building shining from the ceilings as well as from many folks in the church.  God said "Let there be light" And there was. 

       May God Bless Wally for his special care for our great place to worship. 
Thank you very much, Wally!