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     First of all, I want to tell you that finding a new minister can take some time.  We now have an Interim minister who will serve us through Sept, taking July off.  Pastor  Wim is our Interim minister and he started in March. We are very grateful for his leadership.

     We are in the process of finding our next Interim Minister.  If there is not an Interim available we will be again filling the pulpit week by week until one becomes available or we find our next pastor.

     TheTransitional Ministry Team led by Frank Baird, and Wim Mauldin, with Doug Avilesberbal working along side with suggestions and observations is now completed and is passing the information gathered along to the Pastoral Search Committee.
     The Pastor Search Committee has been voted on and approved by the membership. It will take over after the Transitional Ministry Team has finished the ground work phase.  They are: Lynn Baranska, Judie Clarridge, Kathy Huber, Leland Ross, Marc Walter, and Jan Winterroth.  Please talk to any one of us with any questions and feedback you have.

     They are charged with searching though names of Pastors and their resumes that are qualified, meeting, interviewing, asking candidates to speak on a Sunday so everyone can hear them and for the committee to get feedback from members and attendees.  Then the process of wading through qualified candidates to call our permanent Pastor.  The Moderator duty is being in charge of all staff employment and will sign a Permanent Pastor after the membership has been asked and voted.

     The Pastor Selection process could take a while, as it has in the past for Fremont Baptist.  It just depends on who is available and if it is a good fit for us. I recall, we had three Interim ministers waiting on our permanent Pastor one time.  They were all delightful.  It was great joy hearing from so many qualified Ministers.  Interim Pastors are generally retired from ministry, and agree to some extra work, wanting to still be involved in ministry.  We are grateful for their service and willingness to help out in our transition.   Please bear with us in the process and come visit to hear our wonderful interim Pastor Wim.